Synchronise your digital data with actual inventory

Komugi Asset Tracking module

Synchronizing your data with what is actually going-on on the floor is key to develop your company's agility. That’s why we developed with our partners tailored solutions to ensure your data are robust enough to enable a flexible production.
From your suppliers’ production lines to your Kanban bins at your workstations, we have developed a suite of solutions perfectly adapted to your needs.
Navigate via our apps in your 3D plants to quickly locate any parts.

Exclusive solutions from our partner iDOLOC locate in real-time the parts and tools available on your shelves.

Komugi iDOLOC

Finally, exclusive solutions from our partner iDOLOC locate in real-time the part available on your shelves.
Become agile in your manufacturing thanks to lights placed where your parts should be: they will flash when the part needs to be put on the shelves.
Forget long set up times to enroll new products. Our smart shelves associated with Komugi will do it for you.

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