The right decision

After your team, data are the most precious resource of your company. Komugi organizes your data into smart data so they become easily available. You can access anywhere and anytime the information you need to make the best choice. Komugi scales your ability to make the right decision!

What is Komugi?

Komugi is a cloud based operational management software serving: manufacturing, quality, methods, procurement and supply chain a unified and accessible dashboard to pilot your activity.
Komugi means “wheat” in Japanese. Wheat is a “smart” cereal. Sown on all continents, this cereal can adapt and adjust to various climates in order to survive and grow. Wheat is also essential, as it feeds half of the world’s population. Similarly, our tool adapts to every industrial sector.

« Komugi transforms your company into a connected network, moving away from silos.»

How do we get there?

Manufacturing companies are organized in “silos”. These “silos'' generate data stored in silos. The bills of material are stored in a PLM, purchase orders and fabrication orders in an ERP, production hours in an MES but also in an HR system, quality issues in an Access database or Excel file. Do you have a chance to find the right information in a few seconds?
We are not preaching for the destruction of those data silos, we will enable those different databases to communicate to one another by getting control of your data. Komugi provides you the ability to pilot efficiently your company.
According to the Intelligence Economist survey, 32% of companies considered themselves as data driven. The two main reasons? Data are not available on time (46%) or there is an issue with data quality, accuracy and completeness (35%).
The consequence? Teams are in search of the right information rather than in action.
We want to change this. With Komugi you always have the right information at hand. You are fully available to focus your energy towards actions, making the right decision.
To achieve this goal, data must flow in an agile way, be retrievable and easily formatted to be really valuable
In a nutshell, “Komugi transforms your company into a network, moving away from silos.

Data access is a piece of cake!

Komugi is scalable! Aggregate and display data from the team member level to the plant level or even regional and global level!


Have you ever read your smartphone user manual? It should be the same for your professional software. Don’t waste time in software training, train your people to do their job! 90% of users recommend Komugi

At the cutting edge of tech

Komugi is a SaaS platform, new features are deployed on a daily basis to meet your needs! A bonus? You will never have to install and/or buy a new update. Don’t worry anymore about your IT!

Blast past fast

Komugi was born in the cloud, it fits your storage and performance needs. On top of that we spend half of our development budget to get Komugi always faster!

Safe & Secured

We are at the forefront of computer security to protect your data. With this in mind, we have launched an ISO27001 and GDPR certification process which will be completed in 2021. Among the start-ups, we are among the pioneers!


We make Komugi fun to motivate your teams and always support their growth.

You will never walk alone

Because we are passionate about it and discovering new manufacturing sites is important to us, our consultants are with you during the deployment. We will launch with your team. We come back to visit you regularly to understand your new needs.

Tomorrow in your company

Komugi is also easy to deploy, from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the modules and the size of your company!

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