Xarian launched its “KOMUGI” solution… but why this name?

Komugi is cloud-based operational management software that offers all operational departments a unified and accessible view for business management.

So why the name KOMUGI?

Here is the origin: Komugi means “wheat” in Japanese, a “smart” grain.

A cereal can adapt to many situations… like our solution

Sown on all continents of the world, wheat can adapt to any climate in order to survive and thrive. Our tool works with each sector of activity, both assembly industries (rail, aerospace, naval or automotive) and process or transformation industries (pharmaceutical or metallurgy) or the luxury industry.

An essential cereal… like Komugi!

It is essential because it allows to feed almost half of the planet. Komugi enables companies to manage their data, which is also essential to make the right decisions and develop better!
Now that you know the origin of Komugi, come and discover its features!